What Working Women Want

Wednesday, November 17th 2021

The pandemic has had real and lasting effects on women’s careers and created a wake-up call for their employers. From childcare and time off to mental health and career growth, women’s professional needs are changing— and it’s time their companies change with them.

This fall, Vox Media partnered with Watermark, a leading nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of women, on a survey of more than a thousand female professionals to further understand what working women want—and how their employers can help them get it.

Join Vox Media, the Cut, and Watermark for an interactive discussion on what the future of the workplace can and should look like to support the advancement of women.


  • B.A. Parker | Lead Producer and Host of the Cut podcast

  • Melissa Young | Parents ERG Lead & Director of Engineering, Vox Media

  • Rochelle Odon | DEI Program Manager, Vox Media

  • Peggy Northrop | CEO, Watermark