Summer Skill Building Series: Take the Work Out of Networking

Thursday, June 23rd 2022

Join us virtually on June 23rd at 9 am PT for an interactive session about taking the work out of networking. That is, to make it easier and more natural to make — and keep — connections along the way so that you always have a 'brain trust' to turn to when you want advice, inspiration, or introductions. It's understandable that people shy away from the notion of superficial, transactional 'networking' in the hopes that a magical introduction gets you where you want to be in one step. The truth is, the route may be more circuitous — but also more rewarding, making connections and staying in touch with people ahead of, and in between, your specific quests.

Karen Wickre will lead the workshop based on her years of experience in communications and connecting with many people throughout Silicon Valley and beyond, across roles, companies and industries. Karen is a natural connector and understands the value of giving before you ever need to 'get'.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to make authentic, long-lasting connections — to build a network for life.