Speaking While Female

Thursday, March 10th 2022

Why do we assume the world’s best speakers have been men? That’s what Dana Rubin wondered before creating the "Speaking While Female Speech Bank,” the world’s largest online archive of women’s speeches. She discovered that the greatest speeches in history weren’t just given by “great men.” In this talk and fireside chat, Dana will share some of what she’s learned about the true history of women’s voice. And she’ll give tips and strategies for putting our knowledge, our insights, and our voices into the world today to create positive change.

Be sure to order a copy of Dana’s upcoming book Speaking While Female: 50 Extraordinary Speeches by Women here.

Dana Rubin

Dana Rubin is a consultant and speaker who advocates for women’s voice. She created the Speaking While Female Speech Bank, the world’s largest archive of women’s speeches from across time and around the world. Her mission is to set the record straight on who actually gave the great speeches in history — not just “great men" — and to inspire women to speak out and share their expertise in the public square. With her consultancy, SPEECH STUDIO, Dana helps organizations develop their diverse talent to become recognized experts, brand ambassadors, rainmakers, and role models for others coming up the pipeline. She gives speeches on “The Secret History of Speech,", delivers workshops, and consults with companies to support and showcase the ideas and insights of their thought leaders. Dana is the editor of a forthcoming anthology, Speaking While Female: 50 Extraordinary Speeches by American Women (Real Clear Publishing, summer 2022).