Overcoming Ageism in Your Career

Tuesday, May 4th 2021

Gendered Ageism has always been an issue as we live in a sexist, ageist culture that is obsessed with youth. In many industries, particularly tech, women started facing gendered ageism by the time we hit our mid thirties. It is important at any age that we take charge of our careers, but as we get older we must truly champion ourselves. Certainly, any woman over 50 has got to be very clear on what she brings to the table in terms of expertise and enthusiasm for her career. We will explore the issue of gendered ageism and how to tactically overcome the challenges inclusive of our own internalized ageism.

Barbara Mark Ph.D.

Dr. Barbara Mark has a deeply held passion for working with women in midlife and has built a decades long career as an elite leadership, career and life strategies coach and advisor to senior executive women. She is a recognized expert on the psychology of women and is the leading authority on the midlife stages of adult development and how these stages impact a woman's career development and life choices. As a result, Barbara is a sought-after coach by women who are looking to make appropriate and actionable personal and professional decisions at critical stages of their lives and careers. Helping her clients find clarity around everything from how to deal with career and life challenges to avoiding hot flashes in the boardroom makes her an invaluable asset to every professional woman. Barbara has been brought into the confidence of hundreds of professional women seeking to maintain inner balance while facing diverse external demands, personal ambition, and the desire to feel satisfied and fulfilled personally and professionally.