Telling Stories with Data

Thursday, July 22nd 2021

Data scientist or not, all leaders should know what to ask when it comes to data, an incredible asset that is often underutilized. Unfortunately, the process of establishing a healthy data science organization is often convoluted and opaque. Betsy Barton, Founder & CEO of Infiniscape will help you bring clarity and transparency to your data vision, enabling you to unlock the stories that your data want to tell.

Betsy Barton

Betsy Barton is the Founder and CEO of Infiniscape, a new internet company focused on imagining new data science solutions and new solutions for social media. She has a PhD from Harvard in Astronomy and spent 19 years working as an academic astronomer and professor. After spending 7 years in quantitative finance at a hedge fund, she built a data science team at Walmart before leaving to start Infiniscape. She dreams of building data science products that improve the well-being of people everywhere.