Entrepreneurship: Positioned For Success

Thursday, May 12th 2022

UPWARD is hosting a virtual panel event to discuss how we can successfully position female entrepreneurs and even the playing field. Join us to learn how to get started on your entrepreneurship journey today!

In the panel discussion, moderator, Anne Cocquyt, and speakers, Başak Altan, Denise Pines, Amber Norbeck, and Nancy Hayes will discuss their personal experiences as entrepreneurs and share their highs and lows, what they learned, and what they wish they would have known along the way.

Did you know only 2% of women-founded startups received venture funding last year? Despite the increase in women-owned businesses, there is still a serious venture funding gap. Statistics show that in the U.S. women-founded startups were funded 83% higher in 2021 than the prior year in 2020. It sounds, incredible, right – however, let’s look at the numbers per research from Pitchbook in 2021:

• Women founded startups raised $6.4 billion in venture funding

• A record-breaking year of venture investment of $330 billion made in 2021

Let’s make a change and shatter the 2%!

At this event you will learn:

• How to transition away from Corporate America and to Entrepreneurship

• How to Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey

• Funding for Entrepreneurs (the differences and the how)

• The Importance of Community