Creating Change at Every Level: A conversation with Cami Anderson

Tuesday, May 25th 2021

All month long our programs have focused on the ‘doing’ of DEI: what’s working to create cultures of belonging, where the most stubborn barriers persist, where there are bright spots to inspire us. With a long history of pursuing change and pushing for equity in education and politics as a 5-time CEO, Cami Anderson is uniquely positioned to discuss these issues—and explain why women’s leadership skills are especially needed right now. Join us and get inspired about tackling the big problems in your company and community.

Cami Anderson
Senior Advisor, OZY

As a natural-born leader, Cami Anderson has spent nearly 30 years breaking through inequitable systems and brass-knuckle politics to push change. From her beginnings as a theater teacher in juvenile justice facilities to the top of numerous high-profile educational and other organizations, she has steered old-school institutions toward new challenges and solutions: as Superintendent of New York City schools, then schools in Newark, New Jersey; Executive Director of Teach For America New York; Chief Program Officer of New Leaders for New Schools; and Policy and Issues Director for N.J. Sen. Cory Booker.

Today, Anderson is a Senior Advisor for OZY — a new media company that takes on issues of race, justice and fairness. She also founded and now leads ThirdWay Solutions, an organization that has launched initiatives to end the school-to-prison pipeline; helped place corporations’ most marginalized members at the core of planning; and ensured that more women, particularly women of color, are appointed and retained in key government roles.