Collaboration Overload: How to Reclaim 20% of Your Time

Tuesday, August 17th 2021

Researcher and professor Rob Cross will discuss his latest book, Beyond Collaboration Overload which is based on over a decade of research studying successful people and how they collaborate. The book reveals how these high performers collaborate in ways that enable them to be 18-24% more efficient than their peers. It then proceeds to show how successful people invest this time in ways that promote performance and well-being in today’s hyper-connected world. You will learn how to break your work addiction and reclaim close to a day a week.

For more 20 years, Rob Cross has studied the underlying networks of effective organizations and the collaborative practices of high performers.

Working with more than 300 organizations and reaching thousands of leaders from the front line to the C-suite, he has identified specific ways to cultivate vibrant, effective networks at all levels of an organization and any career stage.

Through research and writing, speaking and consulting, and courses and tools, Rob’s network strategies are transforming the way people lead, work and live in a hyper-connected world.

Currently the Edward A. Madden Professor of Global Leadership at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Rob is also the co-founder and director of the Connected Commons, a consortium of over 100 leading organizations accelerating network research and practice.

He has written over 50 articles for Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, California Management Review, Academy of Management Executive and Organizational Dynamics. His work has also been repeatedly featured in venues such as Business Week, Fortune, The Financial Times, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CIO, Inc. and Fast Company.

A graduate of the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce (where he later taught), Rob earned an MBA from UVA’s Darden School and completed doctoral work at Boston University. He met his wife Debbie while they were both at Darden, and they have two children, Rachel (currently attending Williams College) and Connor (currently attending Middlesex School).

Rob has become an avid cyclist, logging 100-150 miles a week with a group of similarly crazy old guys. He enjoys playing tennis, fishing and skiing with friends and family and is active in his church. Always willing to try new things, he recently began learning to play the guitar.