Challenges & Opportunities for Caregivers and Why Employers Should Care

Wednesday, February 2nd 2022

Over and over again, we hear the stories and we see the data around the struggles that working mothers face when managing the confluence of paid work and unpaid work (caregiving and household work). The pandemic put a spotlight on these challenges, as millions of women (predominantly mothers) dropped out of the workforce. Yet here we are, at the dawn of a new year, and many organizations have still not yet put concrete measures in place to better support caregivers in the workplace.

What is it going to take, why are organizations so slow to invest in their employees who are also caregivers? This webinar will take a deep look at the facts behind the motherhood bias, the caregiver crisis, and the motherhood penalty, and why employers can no longer look away. A combination of presentation and discussion, we will look closely at the data to provide participants with the foundational knowledge and strategies to advocate for change.

Kristi Rible

Kristi Rible is Founder and CEO of The Huuman Group™, a leadership consultancy focused on work+life integration and developing leaders who are intelligent across gender, culture, generation, and emotion. In her work with individual leaders and organizations, Kristi takes a non-traditional and multidisciplinary partnership approach to coaching leaders and developing teams.

Her personal, professional, and academic background span the boundaries of business strategy, social sciences, human behavior, and cross-cultural dynamics. Her experiences living and working amongst communities and cultures in Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia have shaped her thinking and informed her unique processes. She is a strong advocate for, and expert on, caregivers at work, organizational gender balance, intercultural leadership, and gender equality. She also teaches a course at Stanford titled Motherhood & Work: Challenges and Opportunities for Positive Change and is herself a mother of two young daughters.

Kristi has over twenty years of executive leadership experience in technology, CPG, and non-profit. She holds an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird/ASU, a BA in African Studies & Classical Archaeology from Franklin & Marshall College and executive certifications in Organizational Gender Balance from INSEAD, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion from Cornell, Executive Coaching from UC Berkeley, and the Fair Play Method by Eve Rodsky.

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