Are You a Change Catalyst? How To Successfully Innovate In Your Organization

Thursday, June 24th 2021
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At this virtual event we will hear from corporate innovators about the pains and successes driving change and innovation in their organization. If you, too, sometimes feel like you think twice as fast as anybody else, if change is easy for you but it feels like pushing a boulder up the hill in your organization, this session will help you bond with like-minded women and learn tips and tactics from power women who have successfully pushed innovation forward in their companies. Expect a session filled with inspiration and practical advice for and from corporate innovators. Learn from former corporate innovator turned entrepreneurs, leaders in the corporate world, and "catalysts" who started a movement and wrote the book The Catalyst’s Guide to Working Well. We start with a Fireside chat and then move into an interactive workshop session. There are a lot of innovation methodologies and techniques out there, but they usually miss the essential ingredient – humans. In this session, we will share how to improve your ability to create change without sacrificing yourself in the process. Shannon and Tracey will share research and experience from studying and working with Catalysts from their book MOVE FAST. BREAK SHIT. BURN OUT to help you build your sustainable way to work well and burn out less.

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Anne Cocquyt

Anne Cocquyt is a corporate innovator turned entrepreneur. She is the founder of the GUILD and GUILD Academy, a best-in-class program for first-time entrepreneurs to innovate and decide on funding options. Anne is originally from Germany and has launched businesses in a wide variety of industries. After building partnerships with digital health companies, funds and accelerators for Genentech’s innovation team, she founded her own consumer product and tech startup, and serves as a startup advisor and innovation consultant, she advises a fund, and is active as an angel investor.

Shannon Lucas

Shannon Lucas has been Executive Vice President at Ericsson, a Senior Innovation Architect at Cisco, and a Director of Innovation at Vodafone. A practitioner and global thought leader on intrapreneurship, she founded the Global Intrapreneur Salon and is passionate about transforming corporations into sustainable change engines. Shannon mentors select leaders, supporting them as they transform their companies leveraging the talents of the Catalysts all around them.

Tracey Lovejoy

Tracey Lovejoy is an anthropologist and the research engine for Catalyst Constellations. She spent twelve years at Microsoft leading teams of changemakers and co-founded the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference. Tracey thrives when she can use her intuition and relentless optimism to coach Catalysts and amplify their changemaking power.