Watermark strives to bring you the most relevant, unique and leading thought-leaders. Through the events we produce, we capture our speakers insights, tips, and advice for advancing your professional (and personal) self. The videos here share excerpts, full-workshops, keynotes, and programs, including original programming from our Watermark Speaker Series, our annual Watermark Conference for Women, and our one-day Conferences.


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2018 Make Your Mark Awards
2018 Watermark Leadership Conference
Workshop: Negotiating - from the Board Table, to the Company Table, to the Family Table | Ching Valdezco, Exec|Comm
Workshop: Finding Your Voice & Expressing Yourself | Elizabeth Bachman, The Star Maker for Speakers
Workshop: Advancing Diversity in Leadership and Boardrooms | Featuring: Kirsten Wolberg, Beatriz Infante, and Julie Cullivan, moderated by Coco Brown, Athena Alliance
2018 Watermark Entrepreneur Conference

The Role of the CEO: Advancing Diversity in Leadership and Boardrooms | Featuring Sandra James - CEO, PrivateEyes, Geetha Vallabhaneni - CEO, Luminix, Samira Salman - CEO and Founder, Salman Solutions, moderated by Shellye Archambeau



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