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Watermark sponsors enjoy a variety of benefits from investing in our programs – and encouraging their employees to participate in everything we have to offer.


BDO: C-Suite Connections Lead to Expanded Deal Flow

Nicole Ward-Parr, Western Regional Director, BDO USA LLP,  is a longtime Watermark member, board member and co-lead of the Watermark Women of the C-Suite Network, a round table event for women in VP (or equivalent) positions and above at public or private corporations with over $5M in revenue and 50 or more employees. These quarterly meetings bring together women in the same functions to talk about current issues, problem solve and otherwise relate on issues that they all face. BDO sponsors the CFO Network.

What was the business problem that needed to be solved?
Nicole Ward: BDO is a huge supporter of diversity and always encourages employees to get involved with key organizations that support that mission. I’m also personally passionate about diversity and organizations that support women. Because of my Watermark affiliation, I’ve expanded my network of female executives tenfold. It’s been an incredible opportunity to meet empowered, dynamic women and frequently do business together – with their companies and mine. It’s also reinforced BDO's brand – not only an incredible company, but one that clearly supports diversity and women's organizations. 

Why Watermark?
Watermark is known as the gold standard when it comes to female executive organizations. BDO was keen to support my involvement as great exposure for the firm and for my reciprocal ability to bring new members and awareness to the great cause that is Watermark throughout the business community.

Through the Watermark Women of the C-Suite Network round tables in particular, I’ve been able to reach out to a sizeable network of C-level female executives in the Bay Area and include them in some incredible conversations. The C-Suite has given me access to some amazing C-level women that I would otherwise might not have come in contact with.

What are the most valuable benefits of being part of the Watermark community?
Selfishly, the benefits I’ve seen equate to deals and opportunities. I’ve met with many women executives as a result of my relationship with Watermark, and that has led to working together and deal flow – and revenue for BDO.

More importantly, I’d like to think that the opportunities to work together have led to a mutually beneficial relationship and where my firm and I were able to support executives into great success. We are especially proud of supporting Watermark's How to Get to The Boardroom webinar with Shellye Archambeau – we hosted many BDO contacts, clients and prospects on that webinar.

I’m also excited about continued sponsorship of key events like this throughout the remainder of the year with BDO and Watermark.

Watermark offers two types of Sponsorship:

  • Women’s Development Sponsorship, which may include branding, women's development programs and membership for senior executive women and emerging leaders
  • Program/Event Sponsorship, which offers access and branding to top executives in the Greater Bay Area

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