Virtual Office Hours

There’s really no substitute for connecting in person—and Watermark meetups are one of the best things about our community. But the new norm (at least for a while) is here, and that means a shift in how we connect. Whether you’re working from your bedroom, working while taking care of family members, or just working and trying to stay sane, we’re here for you. We have launched several new ways to connect online, including our new Office Hours.


PRICING | All Members: Complimentary | Non-Members: $10

Our open office hours are:

  • Facilitated by location and nationally-based speakers, thinkers and leaders
  • Limited to 25 people in order to address your personal questions
  • Topics may include: how to manage the new scope of work, managing remote teams, work-life integration, and more

Questions? Send us an email.


Virtual Office Hours, with Nancy Sheppard | A Woman's Place is in the Boardroom 
An introductory look at the journey to a corporate board seat with Nancy Sheppard, CEO & Founder, Women2Boards. If you are curious about how the road to the boardroom is changing for women and whether this is a good goal for you, this provides many insights into understanding what it takes to gain your seat at the table.


Virtual Office Hours, with Susan Lindner | Innovation vs. Innovation Theater: What’s The Story You’re Telling?
Is your organization dedicated to innovation, or just the idea of innovating? Time to find out. Susan has worked with innovators for 20 years, helping them to tell their authentic stories of disruption to the world. During this office hours, we will peek behind the curtain to ensure your innovation is on track, even in the midst of the current upheaval, and ensure your entire organization knows your innovation story, and how you can make it go more viral than a pandemic.


Virtual Office Hours, with Ivy Turk-Wolff | A Pausing Practice 
Through A Pausing Practice, you'll discover how mindfully connecting yourself can help you forge more authentic connections and enable you to be patient and open to new perspectives and infinite possibilities


Virtual Office Hours, with Ashley Russo | Financial Independence and Market Watch 
Ashley is back to ready to discuss the current market and economy to plan for your short and long-term future. She guides us to create peace of mind and opportunities, and making sure you are informed in economic uncertainty, including how to adjust your financial planning 2020 (6-month check) and uderstand the state of the market.


Virtual Office Hours, with Karen Fleshman | White Women, Power and Privilege 
While all women continue to fight for parity in and outside of work, white women have tremendous power and privilege in our society. Especially now, it’s crucial that we raise white women's awareness of their role in US history and the practices they can adopt today to relate across difference as equals, earn the trust of women of color, and help create workplaces and communities where everyone belongs.


Virtual Office Hours, with Tara Jaye Frank | Cultural Leadership and Empathy During Crises 
As leaders and companies commit to supporting Black employees and remaking the culture, they must shift from reactive mode to educating, developing programs, and hiring (and growing) diverse leaders. Sought-after consultant and speaker Tara Jaye Frank is known for her leadership design approach and she addresses how to assess your organization, use Emotional Intelligence (EQ), engage employee voices, and develop authentic and not just performative empathy.


Virtual Office Hours, with Lily Zheng | From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Social Justice 
What responsibility do companies and organizations have in addressing social issues and holding themselves accountable for change? This session covers how companies can drive solutions to dismantle sexist, racist, classist, and otherwise oppressive systems, and how you can move existing corporate social responsibility programs toward corporate social justice.


Virtual Office Hours, with Amita Mehta | Calling All Misfits! The Power of We (PoW)!
In 2019, Amita Mehta joined us  to share how leading senior executives recognize that diversity is a key-driver of innovation and a critical component in the development of new ideas to achieve success on a global scale. Amita returns on year later to discuss the impact of diversity and inclusion in crisis-response and how continuing to drive these elements will set you apart from the competition.


Virtual Office Hours, with Jackie Welch | Increase Your Visibility in a Remote Workplace with Mentors and Sponsors
With many companies announcing their short term and long term strategy regarding employees now working remotely, how will you continue to be visible, in a remote workplace? Jackie Welch, President of TIRO Life Coaching, LLC shares key ideas and strategies to consider moving forward, including adjustments to the work environment.


Virtual Office Hours, with Donna Hamlin, Ph.D. and Edward M. (Murray) Cook | Find Your Seat in the Boardroom
Finding the ideal board role means reflecting on the "inner you": your intentions, assets, passions, and unique value. This is a great opportunity to ask Boardwise's CEO, governance advisor and coach direct questions as you learn how to position yourself to be board-ready.


Virtual Office Hours, with Colleen Curtis | The "Mom Project"
With working women more stressed than ever between the responsibilities where work and non-work life intersect, there are alternatives to the traditional 9-5, even in a virtual world. The Mom Project, they're "committed to helping women remain active in the workforce in every stage of their journey, and they're proud to work with employers who are committed to designing and supporting a better workplace". 


Virtual Office Hours, with Anne Devereux-Mills | The Power of Connecting
This discuss is on the importance of women connecting with other women, to share "experiences outside of our work, children or partners". More than ever, focusing on connecting instead of networking, to discuss the the real issues women face is our greatest opportunity.


Virtual Office Hours, with Brad Johnson, Ph.D. and David Smith, Ph.D. | Why Mentoring in a Remote World is Critical 
The authors of  Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women , join us for a special Q&A session, to discuss the profound and enduring effects strong mentoring relationships have in transforming individuals and entire organizations.


Virtual Office Hours, with Marilyn Nagel | Staying Connected While Working Virtually 
Learn new ways to build and strengthen relationships while working from home, how to connect with your teams, colleagues and friends, and tips for connecting when you have video conference fatigue.


Virtual Office Hours, with Simone Marean | Girls Leadership, Bring Your Child (Virtually) to Watermark 
Experience bringing your children to this online gathering and celebrate with Watermark while learning how to support the next generation of leaders.

Virtual Office Hours, with Caroline Ceriza-Levine | Career Planning in Uncertain Times 
Listen in as this Forbes career columnist and executive recruitment expert discusses job market trends, plus tips for job hunting in a downturn and consulting/freelancing.

Virtual Office Hours, with Shellye Archambeau | Business & Leadership: "Ask Me Anything" 
Wisdom from a noted tech CEO on setting goals and sticking to your priorities in a disrupted environment.


Virtual Office Hours, with Dr. Hemalee Patel |  
Learn how stress affects your mental and physical health and how to practice effective self-care.


Virtual Office Hours, with Bethanie Baynes | #BreadwinningWomen 
#BreadwinningWomen (many of whom are also parents) have suddenly found their worlds turned upside down and find themselves adapting to t he current new work model (working from home with family). A candid conversation about how to adapt to the new norm.


Virtual Office Hours, with Barbara Mark, Ph.D. | Life Transitions
If you're going through a transition (and who isn’t?)—whether it's the current COVID-19 situation or an empty nest; a career shift; dealing with ageism, divorce, the loss of a spouse or parents; not to mention hot flashes in the conference room—this discussion will support you with many survival tips and tricks as well as the power that comes from information. 


Virtual Office Hours, with Ashley Russo | Financial Market Watch
Financial Planner Ashley Russo answers questions as well as discusses how to create peace of mind and opportunities, making sure you are informed during these volatile times.