Membership Template

We encourage you to use this template to request your company or organization to cover your annual membership fee.


Dear <insert Manager’s name>,

I know how important continuous professional growth is at <insert company name> and greatly appreciate your support by encouraging my leadership development skills and experience. One of the incredible resources I’ve identified provides numerous professional opportunities by connecting, developing and advocating with other leaders like myself. 

Watermark is the largest women’s organization in California, and a recognized leader committed to the advancement of those who identify as women in the workplace. I would like to submit a request to have <insert company name> sponsor my annual $1,000 membership fee. This investment allows me to take advantage of ongoing learning opportunities including: monthly live webinars taught by experts and a repository of recorded materials; frequent participation in a professionally facilitated mentoring group tailored for women like me; one-hour of situational coaching to support me in addressing my career growth; and regular workshops on topics such as communication skills, risk taking, innovation, collaboration, and executive presence. There are also three local, half-day learning conferences and direct exposure to innovators, thought-leaders and change-makers. 

I’m qualified to apply for membership and very excited about the opportunity to join an organization with a reputation for working with women. Please let me know if you need any additional information, and if approved with your support, the next steps for submitting my membership fee as part of my development activities.

Again, thank you for your continued support!



<insert name>

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