Membership Guidelines


Watermark members abide by the following Membership Guidelines, which are considered to be a part of your membership Terms of Service. The Membership Guidelines are centered on the Watermark values of relationship, inclusion, respect and responsibility. For general Watermark FAQ, please visit HERE.


A hallmark of Watermark is the relationship-building activities that take place between our members at meetings and events. We agree to be active, supportive and engaged members, and understand that our community thrives when we each take ownership of, and value in, connecting with others.

Watermark relationships are built on trust ­– and that requires both confidentiality and adherence to our strict non-solicitation practices outlined below:

  • Confidentiality
    We attend events that build relationships with peers in similar roles. At Watermark, everyone is expected to protect the confidentiality of other members. We do not share information that has been discussed unless the relative individuals have given permission to do so. We only share the names of Watermark members with members’ permission, and we never harvest other members’ information or forward it for any purpose without their agreement.
  • Non-Solicitation 
    Watermark is not a place to solicit business. We do not use our presence at meetings or events for the direct and immediate purpose of promoting our products and/or services. We do not undertake mailing or email campaigns using membership contact information for the purpose of selling our products/and or services. All members exercise good business judgment and networking etiquette at all Watermark gatherings.


We respect, celebrate and embrace the collective mix of differences within our membership. We get to know one another, and we refrain from making assumptions about others based on role, title, educational background or appearance.


We connect, develop and advocate for one another. We respect members, staff, volunteers, ambassadors and group leaders. When approached to make a connection, Watermark members always respond positively.


We act with intention, and take ownership of our personal and professional development.

Cancellation Policy

Membership fees are non-refundable. Fees for all Watermark events are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by Watermark. In the case of a cancellation, your payment will be automatically credited to your credit card.