Membership FAQ

Watermark's FAQ below answers some of the most common questions regarding Watermark, its membership, programs and events. If you have additional questions, please contact Membership!

General Questions

What is Watermark?
Watermark’s mission is to increase the number of women in leadership positions by empowering our members to make their mark in their companies, careers and communities.

What are Watermark's values?

Trust – We do what we say we will do, and make our values real in every interaction.
Support – We create experiences of belonging where everyone feels welcome, vital and connected.
Champion – We speak up for all women (trans and cis,) promoting equity and equality for women of every race, ethnicity, age, culture, sexual orientation, with or without disability, or any other aspect of intersectionality.
Innovate – We create an environment where everyone can think freely, listen, speak and learn from one another, in order to continuously improve and innovate.
Holistic – We believe that we are all interconnected, and our work will benefit no only women today but future generations of women and men, as well as our companies, communities and culture.

Who can join Watermark?
Watermark women (cis and trans) and men who are allies to women work in corporate positions and are entrepreneurs - what they have in common is their support of other women. They are CEOs, executives and emerging executives, entrepreneurs, and women who work in academia, and the nonprofit sector.

Why should I join Watermark?

Great people join Watermark to connect with the great women in Watermark. We have the highest quality, diversity, and connectedness within our membership that a networking organization can offer.

How is Watermark different from other women’s networking groups?
We’re a unique force—like the women who comprise Watermark. We make our mark by creating events and programs where Watermark women:

Connect – 
We all benefit when we make our world larger. When Watermark women connect, opportunities increase. Learning is shared. Friendships are made. New ideas are exchanged. And new ventures are born.
Develop – Watermark women inspire and get inspired at our events. Our conferences feature industry thought leaders and experts with real-world success stories. Specific challenges are identified. Solutions are suggested. Creativity is rekindled.
Advocate – Watermark actively advocates for gender equality 
Share – While the ideas shared at our events and programs are indeed stimulating, we always create an intimate, comfortable space to get together, unwind and enjoy the company of like-minded women.

Privacy and Security FAQs

Who has access to online information about Watermark’s members?
Detailed member information is only available to other Watermark  members who have obtained a secure username and password. If someone has an account (to use The Learning Center) they can access first and last name and city  information only, those without an account have no access to membership information at all.

How do I obtain a username and password?
Paid members and sponsor members obtain a username and password to view detailed information about other members. Not a member? Join Today!

Those who wish to use The Learning Center may register and obtain a username and password, but they will not have access to the membership portal, including the membership directory.

Membership Questions

Is there an annual membership fee?
Yes, there are annual membership fees for each type of membership. Review our membership levels for the benefits and rates for each type of membership.

What are the differences between the types of individual memberships?
Check out an overview of the individual memberships or compare the benefits of each.

What's the best membership for me?
Watermark offers different types of membership to meet the needs of women at different stages of their careers. Review the options, prices and other information for each type in the benefit matrix and choose the one that's right for you. Feel free to consult with our Membership team to help you choose the right membership. Contact Membership to set up a time to discuss your membership options.

Can I upgrade my membership?
Yes, you can upgrade your membership to Prestige at any time! You may also change your professional membership level (e.g., from Emerging Executive to Senior Executive if your job changes and you are now a Director level, or above and qualify for Senior Executive Membership). Contact Membership to upgrade your membership today!

Event Questions

I registered for an event, but can’t make it. May I receive a refund?
While we understand that things come up, we are unable to issue a refund for most events. We are happy to transfer the name of the registered attendee to another person or apply a credit to a future event. Please contact our Events Team with any questions related to event credit.

I would like to bring a guest, can they get my membership rate for an event?
For events that are open to the public, you may register a guest and they will receive a discounted guest rate for the event (less than if they were to register separately).

I'm interested in being a speaker at a Watermark Event, who do I contact?
Please submit your speaker inquiry HERE. If you are interested in the 2020 Watermark Conference for Women, please submit your inquiry HERE; please note speaker submissions for the 2020 Watermark Conference for Women are only open until August 5, 2019. Due to the high number of submissions, we will be in touch should there be an opportunity available.

I have a specific event question, who do I contact?
For all sponsor related questions, please contact our Events Team.

Sponsor Questions

If my company or organization is interested in sponsorship, who do I contact?
For all sponsor related questions, please contact Kim Steppe, VP of Sponsorship