Leadership Workshops

One of the most valuable parts of being a Watermark sponsor is access to our on-site Customized Corporate Programs, which are designed to strengthen and enhance your company’s female talent.

These leadership development programs are not to be confused with our public events – they are facilitated on your campus or at your office for your intended audience, whether it be sponsor members, women at various management levels or even clients and partners. Each unique program is strategically designed to foster career, personal and corporate development.

Each Customized Corporate Program is subject to individual pricing, so feel free to select one or more that best target your specific needs. If you are interested in multiple programs, we recommend applying for Watermark sponsorship, which provides a significant discount for all programs. For more information, please contact Kim Steppe.

Our Customized Corporate Programs fall into four categories:

Emotional Intelligence

  • Connecting Mission and Vision to Purpose and What Matters: Knowing your Why helps you find clarity in your purpose, bringing fulfillment and value to you and your business. Many of us know the vision of our business or the mission of our organization, but few of us truly understand our Why. In this workshop, participants will craft their personal Why statement and discuss ways to bring it to life. Having a clear Why allows you to be at your best and focus on what truly matters to you and your work.
  • Mental Toughness for Women in the Workforce: Disruption or the threat of disruption can happen internally when there is a change in leadership for example, or externally when an entire company or industry is at risk. How we greet disruption can paralyze us, or it can propelled us to the next level thinking required for maximum agility and progress. Learn how to leverage Mental Toughness to use disruption to your advantage today and in the future. 
  • Authentic Leadership: The Five Pillars of Impactful Influence: What defines successful leadership?  What common traits are shared among the most impactful and influential leaders of our time?   One thing: Communication.  If you want to be an effective leader in your life and career, build dedicated and loyal teams of employees, and motivate communities for change, mastering this skill is crucial.  In this interactive workshop you will learn the five keys of strong communication for improved leadership, sales, and business success.  By using engaging, hands-on exercises based in psychology that are designed to tap into your brain’s natural potential, you will have a deeper understanding of your hidden personal and professional barriers in communication that keep you from sharing your mission effectively and you will learn new skills, based in brain science, on how to inspire and motivate others to work with you.
  • Influence and Impact: Increase your female employees’ ability to contribute to your organization with greater influence and impact, focusing on five key leadership roles that contribute to their ability to influence. Recommended for mid-level to the highest senior levels. Applicable for mixed gender groups.
  • Leading Gracefully: A New Model of Impactful Leadership for Women: Women in the workplace have a unique challenge in the face of ingrained gender bias. Studies show that leadership is still equated with traditionally masculine qualities, like being aggressive, direct and dominating. However, when women choose to lead with this style, studies also show their likeability and effectiveness suffers. This 2-hour training is designed to offer an alternative model of leadership more aligned with women's natural capacities.

Tactical Skills

  • NEW - Take Control of Your Personal Brand: In business, we’re judged on whether we have impact. How do you learn to connect with your audience, understand their needs, and help them see what you’re capable of achieving? How do you talk about your accomplishments comfortably and confidently, without sounding like you’re bragging or boasting? Taking Control of Your Personal Brand equips you with the knowledge and tools to be Chief Development and Marketing Officer of your personal brand. A powerful personal brand combined with strong professional presence puts you in the driver’s seat of your career success.
  • Mastering Friction: Turning Conflict Into Innovation: Friction between groups is natural in an organization. When drama outpaces productivity, both the individuals and the organization suffer. Instead of trying to dampen or eliminate friction, why not harness this energy to foster innovation? This workshop is designed to bring diverse points of view together, so that they be heard and understood. The outcome enables you to transform the heat of drama into productive value and innovation.
  • Getting Heard Above the Noise : In today’s busy, chaotic environment, it’s hard to be heard and noticed, both within an organization, as well as in your industry. This workshop will introduce concepts to help individuals cut through the noise with specific action items for both internal and external situations. Attendees will leave with an action plan that will help them become more effective at representing themselves and their organizations. Can be targeted to emerging executives or mid-level managers.
  • Confidently Share Success Stories: Do you find it difficult to tell a poignant success story with ease? Are you trying to speak confidently about yourself without bragging? Do you listen to yourself ramble on and on until you forget the point of your own story? This workshop will help you tackle these issues and more. Join us for this hands-on workshop as you discover how to confidently craft and share success stories that are clear, concise and impactful. You'll learn to trim success stories to their essence, take on the bragging issue and create a concise story from an outline.

  • Deliver Technical Information to Non-Technical Audiences: The “Curse of Knowledge” is real. It’s quite possible that you know your subject so well that you assume your audience will understand it, even if they don’t. Given the fact that you have just seconds to either grab your audience’s attention or completely lose it, you can’t afford to waste time. Therefore, it’s imperative that you ensure your audience easily understands your information. In this workshop, we’ll discuss using storytelling techniques to deliver technical information in a captivating way so that it’s comprehensive to your non-technical audience. Bring your technical information and we’ll work to make it compelling, clear and concise so your message will be understood and remembered.
  • Public Speaking with Confidence and Poise: You have a story to tell. It could be a pitch, a keynote, a webinar or anything in between. You feel good about your content. However, you’re not confident about delivering it. What do I do with my hands? My eyes? My nerves? This workshop will help you deliver any story well. We’ll discuss public speaking anxiety management, body language, voice techniques, practice preparation, confident language, handling Q&A, etc. Join us as we work together to help you deliver your message with poise and confidence.
  • Building Intentional Connections:This highly interactive workshop explores the importance of networks and gives each participant an opportunity to document and evaluate their network, and develop a plan to enhance it building new and impactful relationships with women in your organization. This 2-hour workshop is applicable to a mixed gender group or women at any level.  It is also recommended to help build your women’s network, developing and solidifying cross-functional relationships within your company.
"I thought that I was a great networker, but this workshop opened my eyes to the fact that my current network is not going to help my career development. I was astounded by the gaps that I have. I now have the tools to be more strategic with the process."
- Oracle Executive
"This program was very relevant, engaging, fun and inspirational - there were also a number of 'aha' moments."
- Ericsson Executive
" I learned a new perspective on networking. The presenter gave us great actions items that I can start implementing immediately."
- Intuit Executive
  • Negotiating Effectively: What Works for Women: How comfortable are you with negotiating? Whether it’s about a promotion, a raise, or getting the resources you need for that high-stakes project, many women feel hesitant or anxious when getting ready to make a big request. In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn a process and skills to help you with confidence, creative solutions, measurable results, and stronger long-term relationships.
  • Boundaries for Brilliance: How to Say No with Grace, Not Guilt: This workshop provides practical insights and tools to help you decline requests in ways that build credibility, relationships and results. You will leave this workshop with clarity about where to invest your precious energy so you feel less overwhelmed and more focused on the things that allow you to be healthier, saner and more effective. Recommended for mid-level to the highest senior levels. Applicable for mixed gender groups.
  • Improving your Business Presentation & Communication Skills:This interactive workshop delivers an experience that magically transforms how participants communicate and present themselves; influencing the confidence, creativity and best abilities of each speaker. Participants significantly improve their communication skills from public presentations to one-on-one communications. Group collaboration and creative interchange also improves, setting a higher communication standard throughout your company.
  • Leading with Executive Presence: It's not enough to have the best products, services, strategies or concepts – you need to communicate their value with conviction and executive presence is the starting point.  This 2-hour workshop is recommended for mid-level to the highest senior levels and is applicable for mixed gender groups.
"Incredibly energetic and engaging facilitator! I loved learning how to control the room!"
- Xilinx Executive
"It was amazing to see the growth of the volunteers before our eyes."
- Zynga Executive
"This program gave me some clear guide lines for presenting any idea or issue to a group. This will help with organizing those thoughts better before speaking in meetings - incredibly practical!"
- Ericsson Executive
  • Strategic Storytelling: Tools to Increase Your Influence: Stories help you influence and inspire others. During this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to construct and tell compelling stories. We’ll discuss the appropriate use of humor, and how to use stories to deliver a memorable message. You’ll also learn helpful delivery skills for telling stories during meetings and calls.


  • NEW -  Mastering Change Management: We know good strategic direction poorly implemented is useless. Typically, organizations are not short on good strategies but rather of well-implemented ones. Change management experience across organizations during the last 40 years provides for key best practices that help anyone keen on success. This session is tailored to senior leadership who must create a significant change in their organization. In this highly interactive workshop, you will both learn about your capacity as a change agent, how to design and implement change and try your hands on a change challenge.

  • Communicating Within A Virtual Team: Designed to help virtual teams communicate more effectively with senior leaders, team members, colleagues and clients. Can be tailored into one of our popular programs, that includes effective virtual meetings, the impact of communication styles within virtual teams, writing for results, managing virtual teams, and leading effectively when you live outside the HQ.
  • Communicating Across CulturesEffective communication is a necessity to building and maintaining professional relationships. However, communicating with a colleague from a different  culture than your own can be an obstacle. This workshop equips leaders with the skills to learn and adapt to various cultural communication styles to achieve a successful collaboration. Participants will grasp a better understanding of their own personal communication styles, learn to communicate in a more efficient manner, establish tactics to open the lines of communication and strengthen valuable relationships with your colleagues.
  • Success Strategies For Understanding And Embracing Organizational Change: Employees at every organizational level are faced with the impact, challenge, and opportunity of internal and external changes. Being able to flex in changing business environments and support others through the change process are important attributes for individuals and teams. How change is communicated is often one of the greatest challenges organizations face. This 2-hour workshop will review current issues that impact organizational change, as well as how participants experience and react to changing situations.

Yearlong Development

  • Patrons and Protégées (Please inquire about pricing for sponsor and non-sponsor companies): This is a yearlong sponsorship program for Patrons and Protégées that enhances opportunities for high potential women in career growth, visibility, recognition, retention, engagement and promotion.