C-Suite Networks

Our Watermark Women of the C-Suite Networks are tremendously valuable communities designed specifically for women who are in VP (or equivalent) positions and above at public or private corporations with over $5M in revenue and 50 or more employees. These quarterly meetings bring together women in the same function to talk about current issues, problem solve and otherwise relate on issues that they all face.


Each C-Suite gathering is led by like-minded senior executives (listed below) who organize topics, discussions and guest speakers, and keep participants connected on a regular basis as part of this exciting community.

Registration for these events is by invitation only. If you are already a member of our C-Suite Networks, then you are on our email list and will receive invitations directly from us with the registration links included.

If you are not a member of our C-Suite Networks and you meet the above qualifications, we welcome you to request an invitation and experience this exciting Watermark community firsthand.

NOTE: The C-Suite Networks are for corporate executives only – consultants or professional service companies can attend only if they are an official sponsor of the group. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, please email Kim Steppe.

Our C-Suite events are held in Palo Alto – exact location shared upon registration.

2019 schedule:

  • Thursday, June 13
  • Thursday, September 12
  • Thursday, December 5


2019 Innovation Conference Special Morning Agenda: C-Suite Exclusive Workshop* RSVP TODAY

7:00 a.m. - 7:30 a.m. Pre-Registration for C-Suite Breakfast Workshop

7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. C-Suite Breakfast Workshop: Susan Lindner | Storytelling for Innovators and Disruptors

Disruption is seismic. It triggers new growth, products and amazing market opportunities. And it offers layoffs, political infighting, and destruction. How do leaders get customers to follow them in light of massive change and an uncertain future? By cracking the code on history’s greatest storytellers, Susan gives leaders a blueprint for creating their own stories that offer a vision, message, and path that the market can follow – with religious zeal. Whether you’re a corporate innovator or startup disruptor, this talk is the critical link that lets you communicate your ideas and turn a message into a movement that others will follow. During this session, you'll take the impact back to your team: 1) Learn how top CEOs are crafting stories that move audiences to embrace disruption, 2) Get a step-by-step guide to telling your personal story of innovation, and 3) why followers should care Prepare for the inevitable opposition from the market, and soldier on anyway.

*Included in Innovation Conference registration but is by invite only and not included in general registration

Members tell us:

“I can be myself in this group and know that everyone is 100 percent supportive of my success. This does not exist anywhere else. I cherish this time with my Watermark peers.”

“I’m often the only senior woman in the room at meetings, and everything I say can be seen as representing my entire gender. In this group I can share real issues in a confidential setting with women who will problem solve with me, often have similar concerns and are there to help me be my best.”

CFO Network

This network includes women who are part of their company's senior financial leadership team. Nicole Ward (Western Regional Director, BDO) co-leads this vibrant community. Recent topics include investor presentations, managing a successful exit and new IRS regulations.

The CFO Network is sponsored by:

CHRO Network

Due to popular demand, we've added the CHRO Network to our C-Suite community. Qualifying members hold the CHRO title or report directly to the CHRO. Divya Ghatak (Chief People Officer, Nevro) and Felicia Mayo (Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Tesla) co-lead this group.

CMO Network

This group includes women who are part of their company's senior marketing leadership team. Pam Kline Smith (Head of Marketing and Communications, North America, Telefonica Digital) and Amy Love (Chief Marketing Officer, TriNet) co-lead this group, which offers a place to share strategies for success, as well as build a network of peers with whom they can share resources, problem solve and find solutions to common issues.

COO Network

This network includes women who hold the title of COO or senior women who manage the day-to-day activities of their corporation. Cynthia Ridley (Founder/Principal, Leading Matters) lead this group, which offers a place to share strategies for success, as well as build a network of peers with whom they can share resources, problem solve and find solutions to common issues.

CTO/CIO Network

Our CTO/CIO Network specifically caters to senior women of influence in technology – either the technology industry in general or the development of technology in their own organizations. Christi Haley-Stover (CEO and Managing Director, Platinum Resource Group) and Aruna Goli (VP of Engineering and CTO, Motive Medical Intelligence) co-lead this group.

The CTO/CIO Network is sponsored by:

General Counsel Network

This network includes sitting General Counsel of both public and private companies who discuss the personal and professional challenges faced by women GCs. Julie Brush (Founding Partner, Solutus Legal Search) and Karineh Khachatourian (Partner and Diversity Chair, Rimon Law) co-lead this group. Recent topics include working with law firm partners, effective partnering with CEOs, hiring strategies and succession planning.

Please note: To maintain the high caliber of these groups, participation is by invite-only. If you have not received an invitation and you'd like one, please email Kim Steppe.

If you'd like to sponsor a group, please contact Kim Steppe.
Many thanks to our event host: