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Watermark is the Bay Area’s largest and most respected women’s non-profit with a mission to put more women in positions of leadership. With over 27,000 distribution subscribers and thousands of active senior executives and emerging entrepreneurs, you can promote your services, programs, courses or events through Watermark’s media channels reach our active members, both women and men.

Listing Sponsorship Opportunity

  • 75-word count (1 paragraph) listing of your event, program or service in one (1) multi-listing blog post;
  • Multi-listing blog post will be included in one (1) Watermark Weekly Newsletter, the same week as the blog post is published
  • One post per offering
  • Post will be active for a year
  • Includes: Title of Offering, Type of Offering: Program, Workshop, Event, etc., Name of Host (Company and/or Individual Name), Date of Event, Link


[WORKSHOP] Watermark Weekend for Women: Create the Career (and Life) You Deserve

Join us for a weekend workshop at the amazing 1440 Multiversity retreat in Scotts Valley, with leadership expert and senior executive coach Charmaine McClarie. Learn how to use the final few months of the year to your advantage, and what you can do now to position yourself for greater success in 2019. Set yourself on the path to happiness and abundance through reflective and interactive work that includes creating a vision collage, and participating in lectures and discussions. You CAN finally achieve the career – and the life – you want and deserve.

Contact: Erin Tselenchuk | | 999-999-9999

For more information, please visit:


Members - $100* per one-time listing

Non-Members - $150* per one-time listing

Please Note: Listings will be in chronological order, and for events occurring on the same date, events will be listed alphabetically. Images, artwork or logos may not be included in listing. Listings must be received the Thursday prior for listing in the following week’s blog/newsletter. 10% discount available for Members and Non-Members if a discount is offered to Watermark active members. Please review your listings carefully as your listings will not be edited, and will be published exactly as receive by Watermark. All listings are tax-deductible.