Careers at Watermark - Executive Director

Position Title: Executive Director
Location/Division: San Francisco Bay Area


Watermark is changing the narrative for women leaders! As a San Francisco Bay Area non-profit membership and development organization, Watermark has been making a difference for women and Bay area companies for over 25 years. Watermark’s role and influence demonstrate that when the composition of business leadership matches the composition of the population, we will have greater innovation, human development, advanced inclusion and, ultimately, economic growth and prosperity. We empower women, accelerate their careers and tap into the power of networking with other top women executives by providing an all-encompassing approach:

  • Connect – We create a space where professional women come together, make meaningful connections, new opportunities, and celebrating one another’s successes.
  • Develop– Our programs offer opportunities for continuous learning, promote ongoing innovation and growth with online programs, webinars, workshops, speaker series and half-day conferences and the Watermark Conference for Women.
  • Advocate – We amplify our influence and actively work toward collective success to increase representation of women at executive levels to drive innovation, human development and economic growth.

Our members are women leaders from San Francisco Bay Area organizations and represent entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals, cross-function and all industries. Our members actively support other women and are passionate about leading with creativity, courage and clarity. We are the center of leadership excellence for women who want to build meaningful relationships and exchange ideas and collective wisdom with accomplished women leaders across a wide range of disciplines.


The new Executive Director (ED) will bring a blend of passion and empowerment for the organization’s mission, along with deep leadership practices. The new ED will ensure the organization is positioned to continue its impact through connecting, developing and advocating for women and companies. The new ED must bring solid and demonstrable business management skills, as well as excitement, energy and humility, and will lead with compassion and grace. The ED reports to the Board of Directors, with a direct reporting line to the executive committee.


  • Establish and ensure strategic goals align to achieving Watermark’s vision and multi- year growth plans; support near-term revenue targets in Watermark’s annual Operating Plans; unlock new streams of revenue, programs, etc. toward fulfilling our mission and vision; and continues to evolve to remain a leader in advocacy for women.
  •  Lead process to successfully evolve Watermark’s model from market initiation stage to sustainable community with predictable revenue streams.
  • Initiate, build and maintain executive level relationships with our sponsors, members, key influencers, and strategic partners.
  • Own advocacy for Watermark by serving as primary spokesperson and representative for the organization (proactively and reactively), industry relationships, business leaders, press and influencers, leverage the Global Board Access Program, reimplement industry index, advocating for high-impact relationships that support Watermark’s current and future visions and plans in support of women’s growth.


  • Board Management: Cultivate a strong and transparent working relationship with the Chair, Board of Directors  and sub-committees with regular communications, quarterly status reports and meeting attendance. Achieve revenue and produce quarterly finance and operating reports. Oversee and guide the Ambassador Group and Emerging Executive Advisor Committee (conduct quarterly meetings, develop agendas, presentations, oversight of group’s projects)
  •  Team Management: Lead, manage and develop a well-supported management team, with a winning culture and high morale, in order to achieve Watermark’s values and needs, including annual assessments as well as ongoing professional development. Provide quarterly reporting to board on marketing, events, sponsorship, membership and partnership status and financial impact. Ensure systems, tools and technology support the organization in current state and allow for scale.
  • Events & Marketing: Oversee VP of Marketing and Event, provide direction of marketing campaigns, programs and events, conference planning, specialty programs, liaison and introductions with specialty program facilitators and speakers, development of new Watermark programs, and implement metrics to measure impact of programs and events.
  • Sponsorship: Oversee VP of Sponsorship, liaison and introductions with potential sponsors, work to develop additional programs to forward mission/vision, and implement metrics to measure sponsorship revenue.
  • Membership: Oversee Membership Success Director and the management of member relationships, establishing and meeting annual membership goals for senior and emerging executive memberships. Ensure programs support all levels/interests of membership and provide regular direction and analysis of membership community.
  • Partnerships and Programs: Oversee, establish and drive management of partnerships with goals and parameters, review all potential partnerships with Board, develop deliverables for partnerships and communicate to Watermark team, and regularly evaluate cross-partnerships ensuring mutually beneficial models and functionality. Ensure smooth onboarding process and implement metrics for partners.


  • Passionate for building relationships on respect and trust: identifies new ways to add value to Watermark through every relationship by inspiring trust – Board, team, members, sponsors, partners, community, industry and beyond.
  • Committed to the foundational pillars: behaves as a thought-leader in diversity and exemplifies the value of gender diversity.
  • Visionary leader with creative roots: delivers results at macro- and micro-levels
  • Ambitious for seeing new challenges: drives innovation and experiential opportunities for Watermark.
  • Judicious with speed and flexibility: ability to prioritize and make sound decisions quickly with information available in Watermark’s interest.
  • Agile for the bottom line: knows how to manage a P&L and the decisions needed to address growth.
  • Embodies an entrepreneurial spirit: seeks out new opportunities and sees every interaction (internal and external) to demonstrate the Watermark value.
  • Advocates for organizations/initiatives: aligns with similar missions/value to Watermark.
  • Listens actively: Learns from existing culture yet brings personal experience to further advance the organization, culture, and mission.
  • Qualifications:
    • Bachelor’s degree required; advanced degree preferred with substantial management experience.
    • Evidence of successful operating skills, managing budgets, and building effective teams.
    • Proven track record of strong executive leadership in a nonprofit or for-profit organization; comprehensive knowledge of finances, operations and governance.
    • Demonstrable background in diversifying and increasing funding sources
    • Understands political, business, and fundraising climate in the Bay Area.
    • Leverages professional and personal networks to attract and retain sponsors and members.

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume HERE.