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Tuesday, March 13, 2018  
Posted by: Watermark
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"In winter, I plot and plan, in spring I move!" - Henry Rollins


Sponsor Inside Skinny

Ditch the Doubt: How Gender Intelligence Will Make You Rethink Imposter Syndrome Unconscious with Holly Berkley
10-11 A.M. | Wednesday,April 4th

Recent advances in gender intelligence have changed our understanding of how masculine and feminine brains function, clarifying the significant value of the complementary leadership competencies that women bring to the workplace.

In this webinar, Holly Berkley will share exciting data, insights and a process to clear the conditioning, shift your inner experience and free up your authentic voice. Register for this webinar HERE

Below are the questions we encourage you to share with your colleagues to discuss in association with the webinar.

  1. What surprised you most about Impostor Syndrome (IS)?
  2. How have you experienced IS in your work environment?
  3. As you consider your own cultural, religious or family upbringing, what beliefs did you take on that might be limiting your confidence and success?
  4. Women have been trained not to value their natural intelligence and capabilities, but the truth is their unique qualities are game-changers in every setting (business, political, cultural, religious/spiritual). Which feminine intelligence superpowers (Contextual thinking, Preventing fires, Relational, Values-based decision making, Win:Win, Flexible, Connection-making/networking, I understand, Group interests/empowerment) do you resonate with? 
  5. Many of us are “driving with the brakes on,” feeling some version of not capable/smart/ educated/experienced/deserving enough. If changing your internal experience was as fast and easy as Daniela’s, what big goals would you be reaching for?

BetterUp Coaching:

BetterUp coaching is a personalized development experience designed to to help you realize your potential, navigate challenges and advance your vision with confidence. For $199 per month, you will be equipped with a professional coach and resources for a year, including:

  • Self-assessment using BetterUp’s Whole Person Model
  • Weekly sessions with a professional coach
  • Unlimited messaging with your coach in between sessions
  • Activities and microlearning hand selected for you by your coach
  • Reflection point assessment up to twice a year to measure your progress

To take advantage of this offer, please click HERE.

6 Month Trial Membership Offer:

Encourage your employees, who aren't members of Watermark yet, to register for our exclusive 6 month trial membership for $99! Share this LINK with them so they can enjoy the full benefits of the Watermark community!

How to Include. Now. (Two Locations):

Watermark and Wolff Olins invite you to explore how organizations are developing radical new ways to create a truly diverse workforce at our How to Include. Now. summit. Bay Area's top D&I executives will share their firsthand experiences, ­ their wins and their lessons learned – and they'll offer valuable best practices that you can put into action. There's no fee and no PowerPoint. Just smart conversation, a chance to make new connections and rekindle current ones – ­ and enjoy some good food.

How to Include. Now. - Peninsula
5:00-7:00 P.M. | Tuesday, March 20th | Nest Labs, Palo Alto: Register HERE

How to Include. Now. - San Francisco
8:00-10:00 A.M. | Wednesday, March 21st | San Francisco Proper Hotel, San Francisco: Register HERE

Upcoming Women Like Us (WLU) Network Event:

Join us for a valuable networking opportunity and meet other ambitious Watermark members at Kate's house! Yes, you read that right - Kate is hosting our upcoming WLU event!

Women Like Us (WLU) Network - Marin6:00-8:00 P.M. | Tuesday, March 27th| The Home of Kate Byrne, San Rafael: Register HERE

Watermark Innovation Conference 2018
9:30 A.M.- 4:45 P.M.| Wednesday, April 18th| Juniper Networks

Too big to innovate? Too small? Overwhelmed by shifting disruptions? Worried that you’ve already missed your innovation opportunity? Put your worries aside. You’re right on time! These days, innovation belongs to everyone. Catch up and speed forward with new ideas, new inspiration and new collaborations – everything you need to better position yourself for your most innovative year ever. Register HERE