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The Sponsor Inside Skinny - August

Thursday, August 16, 2018  
Posted by: Watermark
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Watermark's Conference for Women (Feb. 22, 2019) tickets go on sale 9/5/18 for 2 weeks before going public!  Stay tuned for more details by clicking HERE

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people".
Eleanor Roosevelt


Sponsor Inside Skinny

Webinar: Negotiating Effectively: 6 Steps to Successful Outcomes with Ching Valdezco - 10-11 A.M. | Wednesday, September 12th:

Special message from Ching:

We all negotiate a variety of issues and items every day. How do you get what you need without burning bridges?

I look forward to leading this discussion with you on September 12. In this interactive virtual workshop, you’ll learn practical techniques you can immediately apply to get better results and build more effective relationships.

What are your biggest challenges when it comes to negotiating? What do you hope to get out of attending this session?

I’d love to hear from you – and would be happy to cover your challenges during our webinar. Send me your thoughts at I read every response.

Warm regards,



 In this webinar, negotiation expert Ching Valdezco shares practical techniques you can immediately apply to get better results and build more effective relationships. We’ll discuss strengths, challenges, fears and how to break through the ‘invisible scripts’ that hold you back. Register for this webinar HERE

Below are the questions we encourage you to share with your colleagues to allow you to explore more deeply as an individual - and then from each other in a live group setting:

  1.  What are you currently negotiating? With whom?
  2. What makes negotiating challenging for you? What mistakes do you catch yourself making?
  3. What are your currencies? What can you offer, and what might you ask for?
  4. What questions can you ask during your negotiation, to learn more?
  5. How will you apply what you learned today?

Co-Branded Workshops:

Together with 3 leading organizations, Watermark is proud to announce three Co-Branded workshops:

Advancing Technical Women with CCL:

5 month program combo of online and 1.5 day offering - 12/4-5/2018. Maximum of 50 people. SF based. Price is $2990 per person/ $2600 per person for 3 or more.

Executive Presence for Women in Finance with Exec Comm:

1 day offering - Price is $1299 per person with a special rate of $1250 for Watermark members. Dates are 9/20 (SF) 10/10 (SV) and 11/14 (SF). Maximum 12 people per workshop.

High Performance Leadership with Professional Development Academy:

Women's High Performance Leadership Training with Professional Development Academy - a 12 week offering, shooting for a 9/17 start date. Price is $1999 per person normally it is $3999. 50 person cohort.

Wealth Month: Watermark Holistic Wealth Forum
5:30 - 7:30 P.M. | Thursday, September 13th | TBA, South Bay:

For Watermark community, we define wealth as our intellectual and financial resources - our network, our growth in leadership and our investable wealth, as well as our inclination to collaborate through our ideas and our resiliency. In the month of September, Watermark invites you to join us for an original forum with leading experts and high-profile speakers who offer a transparent and honest discussion about various aspects of wealth that define your life.


Lata Krishnan will provide key insights into her own experiences as a leader and then will join a panel of inspirational leaders, moderated by Mary McDougall, Vice President of Astia. Panelists include Kate Cochran (Upaya Social Ventures), Jennifer Ma, Senior Wealth Manager, BNY Mellon Wealth Management, Dr. Hemalee Patel, Board Certified Doctor of Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine Expert at Stanford University. Learn how these incredible executives have handled success, used wealth for good, and found real-life solutions when life starts spiraling both up and down. Whether you are a senior executive looking for some insights or an emerging executive on your way up, be inspired and take away practical approaches to better understand where you are in life and where you want to go. Register for this event HERE