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Interview with Marilyn Nagel: CEO of Watermark

March 27, 2014 | In the Media | Stilettos on the Glass Ceiling

This article was published by Stilettos on the Glass Ceiling. Follow this link to read Interview with Marilyn Nagel: CEO of Watermark

Watermark Membership: Who is Watermark

June 10, 2013 | Video

The organization Watermark is a community of executive women who have risen to the top of their fields—coming together to meet, connect, share and inspire. This video provides an overview of Watermark's mission, vision, membership benefits, member community, ways to connect, programs and more!

Leading from the Edge with Annmarie Neal

April 2, 2014 | Webinar | Watermark

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The world’s business environment continues to be marked by turbulence, complexity, ambiguity, and relentless speed. Never before has the world been so networked and so transparent. The rules of the global game are fundamentally different as new competitors from developing economies emerge and challenge traditional business models. That means the rules are changing for leaders as well.

Based on the recent ASTD Press title, Leading from the Edge: Global Executives Share Strategies for Success, Annmarie will discuss the ten essential traits of global leaders that emerged from a multi-year field study on global leadership—and specifically on those traits that truly differentiate in an innovation economy. 

This webinar will address:
• The role innovation plays in market differentiation and value creation
• The ten essential traits of the global leader
• Strategies executives leverage to build these capabilities in themselves, their teams and their organizations

About Annmarie: 
Annmarie Neal is the founder of the Center for Leadership Innovation, and the former chief talent officer at Cisco Systems and First Data Corporation. She is also the author of the recently published book Leading from the Edge: Global Executives Share Strategies for Success. With more than 25 years of experience working with multinational firms, she advises venture capital investors, boards of directors, and executive teams on the alignment of business strategy with innovative talent management and leadership practices. She holds a doctorate from the California School of Professional Psychology --Alameda/Berkeley. 

She can be reached at: annmarie@centerforleadership.com and followed on Twitter @nealannmarie.