Merger Information

We are thrilled to announce that Watermark is merging with UPWARD, the global network for accelerating the advancement of executive women.

To learn more about UPWARD and for further details, check out our joint press release along with frequently asked questions below. 

Peggy Northrop
A note from Watermark CEO, Peggy Northrop

Dear Watermark members, friends and supporters,

I’m delighted to announce that as of February 16, Watermark is part of UPWARD, the global network for accelerating the advancement of executive women. As two organizations with a common mission to support women’s highest aspirations while helping companies achieve their diversity goals, we’re excited to grow our impact – and yours.

Our merger is designed to give you more connections, more opportunities to grow, and more access to live events in your area. (I know we’ve all been missing those!) UPWARD has 17 chapters around the world hosting regular events, and more than a dozen leadership programs to choose from. That makes them a perfect partner for us, ensuring that Watermark can thrive for years to come.

Of course, transitions bring changes. For now, rest assured that you’ll be able to access programs and benefits through our website in the usual way, and that we will keep you updated as things evolve. To learn more about UPWARD and for more details, check out our joint press release and our FAQs.

And last, some personal news: After two busy and rewarding years at the helm of Watermark, I’m taking some of my own advice and taking a significant break to rest, travel, and read all the books piled up on my bedside table. I will be an active advisor during the transition, and then I’ll be joining several of my Watermark colleagues on the UPWARD board, which means I’ll be sure to see you at future gatherings.

I am so grateful for the extraordinary experiences I have had as part of the Watermark community. I’ve learned more in these last two years than at any period in my career–and it’s all because of your willingness to share your wisdom, insights and vulnerability with me. Thank you so much for being on this journey with us.


Peggy Northrop

CEO Emeritus

Watermark, an UPWARD company

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is UPWARD?

UPWARD is the global network accelerating the advancement of executive women. With 6,000 members, 17 chapters around the world, and a dozen leadership development programs to choose from, UPWARD is dedicated to helping companies meet their diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

Why did Watermark merge with UPWARD?

We are two organizations with a single mission – to support women’s highest ambitions and help companies with their business goals by strengthening their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Joining our operations lets us increase our impact exponentially, bringing our members and sponsors more programs and more opportunities to connect.

My company is a corporate member of Watermark. How does the merger affect us?

Not only are all of Watermark’s corporate contracts being honored by UPWARD, but new benefits are being added. Your company’s employees now have free access to live chapter events in 17 cities around the world. Plus, your company can take advantage of discounts on special programs offered through UPWARD Academy, including special mentor-matching and allyship programs for the men in your organization. You can read more about those programs and offerings HERE.

Will Watermark still have 3-5 virtual events each month?

Yes. Watermark and UPWARD are working on a new joint programming calendar, and soon you’ll see listings for co-branded events on our website. Avery Paulick, Watermark’s Events and Marketing Manager, will be the Programming Director for the merged company, so you can expect the same level of engaging speakers and panels as before.

Where can I sign up for workshops and events?

For now you’ll be able to learn about events through our email newsletter and website as usual. Soon we will transition to the UPWARD member portal, where you interact with other members as well as learn about events and programs. (For a preview, go HERE.)

What happens to the Watermark Conference for Women?

The pandemic scrambled everyone’s plans to hold live events, and Watermark was no exception. We have held all our events virtually for the past two years and were forced to cancel plans for a live Leadership Conference in spring 2022.

The good news: Merging with UPWARD allows our members and supporters to attend smaller live events around the country right now. Every UPWARD chapter in 17 cities has at least 4 live events each year featuring inspiring speakers you’ll want to hear from. These smaller events give you a chance to grow in a community of women dedicated to helping each other succeed.

We will restart our live programming with smaller half-day conferences on Innovation and Leadership soon, with the goal of getting back into large events in the future.

If I’m a Watermark member, can I go to UPWARD live events?

Yes! Employees of Watermark’s corporate sponsors and paid Watermark members at the Prestige, Professional and Digital tiers may attend quarterly UPWARD chapter events in 17 cities for free. “Pay as you go” prices for these live events are typically $20, with higher prices for a few special events. For a list of what’s coming up in your region, go here.

How do I get access to past Watermark recordings in the Learning Library?

If you are a member with access to Watermark recordings, you can continue to access them HERE.

Are Watermark staffers losing their jobs?

No. Our team is joining UPWARD immediately. Avery Paulick, Watermark’s Events and Marketing Manager, will be the Programming Director for the merged company. Asa Enocson, Finance and Operations manager for Watermark, will continue with the merged company. Peggy Northrop, Watermark CEO, has announced her retirement, but she will consult during the transition and join the Upward board, along with 4 other Watermark board members.

If you have additional questions that aren’t listed here, we would love to hear from you. Please connect with us via our Contact Us page here.