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How to Take Your Child to Work (Reinvented)

Posted By Administration, Thursday, April 23, 2020

For decades on the fourth Thursday of April, parents and mentors have been encouraged to give children a first-hand look at the real world of work for a day. This year, Take Your Child to Work Day can’t be the same. But it’s still the perfect time to share with children the responsibilities and impact of your career, the difference between wants and needs, and the adjustments we are all making to a new world. Here are three quick tips for how to make the most of this special day:

  1.  Plan Ahead: This may feel daunting, but it’s no different than scheduling an intentional meeting with someone you enjoy.
  2.  Align Common Interests: Think about what you want your child to learn about you and your job, and what might align with their current interests. Find a meeting they can join (and explain to your meeting attendees in a quick note that X child will be joining you today to experience a meeting).
  3.  Expand Your Influence: Now is the perfect time to mentor a friend or colleague’s child, as many are craving interactions with people other than their parents. Invite a friend or relative’s child to join a specific activity, such as a 30-minute Q&A where you answer questions about your job and they draw a picture about what you discussed. Or have them join our Special Edition Office Hours today at 2pm, featuring CEO & Co-Founder of Girls Leadership, Simone Marean, where we will discuss the value of women in the workplace and how to support future female leaders from all backgrounds. 

 And above all, make it authentic, be realistic and have plenty of snacks. This is the one day when a child barging in during a call should spark compassion, understanding, and unity among us all. At the end of the day, DROP US A NOTE OR PHOTO of the day with your mini-mentored human and let us know how it went.

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