The California 400: Still Dominated by Men

by Marilyn Nagel December 6, 2012
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The business case for increasing the number of women in executive positions and on corporate boards has been proven time and again in study after study.  It is clear that greater diversity on boards improves shareholder performance, helps companies access the widest talent pool, ensures they are more responsive to the market and provides overall stronger corporate governance.

Despite these statistics, women still represent a significant minority on boards. What is more troubling is that the majority of California’s leading public companies lag in diversity of gender, race and life experience in their upper echelons. Watermark is committed to addressing this imbalance.

Watermark and UC Davis
Watermark is proud to partner with the UC Davis Graduate School of Management in publishing the UC Davis Study of California Women Business Leaders, highlighing the representation of women in the executive suites and in the boardrooms of California’s largest public companies. Shining a light and learning from companies that are making progress toward gender equality in executive ranks and on boards is a first step toward change, and aligns with Watermark’s vision and values.

Watermark Institute Board Access™ Program
The Watermark Institute Board Access™ Program draws from executive ranks of corporations and ensures that our participants have the background and experience to be qualified for board service. The Watermark Institute Board Access™ Program is a one-year, personalized program for women who intend to make serving on a Board of Directors the next step in their career path.

Designed for non-profit, private and/or public board participation–and built around participant’s schedule–the six elements of Board Access™ give access to board recruiters and key influencers in the board of directors world. The program includes; Board readiness assessments, one-to-one coaching sessions, interview with a professional board recruiter, meeting with influential board members of a key local business, board simulation as well as additional resources and networking with top-ranking women.

Advocating for Board Access
Watermark is proud to be a member of ION, the InterOrganization Network. Formed in 2004, ION advocates for the advancement of women to positions of power in the business world, especially to boards of directors and executive suites.

Watermark is committed to increasing representation of women at executive levels to drive innovation, human development and economic growth. We do this by providing world-class programs and a safe and trusted environment where executive women come together as business advisors to share their stories, problem solve and grow.


Stephanie Hamm, on February 26, 2013, said:

I was wondering if your organization had the equivalent of the SCORE organization, but with retired women exclusively. The business that I am trying to start would never get good advice from a man so going to score would not work for me. I already tried it anyway and was not comfortable with them. The premise of the business sometimes focuses on women so why ask a man for advise, what the heck can they say.

Thank you,

Stephanie Hamm


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