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Watermark helps women executives, entrepreneurs and emerging executives connect with one another, develop their careers and advocate for women in the workplace.

Gisela Paulsen

VP, Access Solutions, Genentech
I’m interested in Lisa Orrell’s June 14 Communicating Among the Generations Watermark program. Soon, many of us will manage workforces made up of up to four generations. How do we manage, communicate and lead – and attract and retain the best talent out there?

Janice Morgan, Senior Employee Communications Manager, Cadence Design Systems

We loved Nancy Duarte's Watermark presentation at FireEye on May 10. What a visual vacation from the huge amount of data we see daily.

Kate Haley, CMO and Co-Founder, Accurate Always, Inc.

Never have I met such a capable, impressive group of people than those in the Watermark community. In any event you can find the Valley’s thought leaders and the innovators who are utterly committed to raising the bar for all women, everywhere.

Autumn Casadonte, Director, Corporate Communications, Cupertino Electric

I’m bringing two members of my team to Watermark's Nancy Duarte Illuminate event at FireEye on May 10. It will serve as a quick and engaging professional offsite of sorts.

Bindu Garapaty, Training & Education Manager, Juniper

Participating in the Watermark Conference for Women with a Watermark and Juniper Networks lens filled me with gratitude and pride. I'm very excited to be part of such phenomenal supporters of our cause!

Charlie Campbell, Wealth Advisor, Portfolio Manager & Account Vice President, UBS

Watermark programs are filled with terrific content that address so many issues we encounter in our professional lives. I always learn something new and come away energized and inspired.

Cindy Solomon

CEO, Solomon and Associates
The value of Watermark goes so far beyond the overused word ‘network.’ This organization, and the relationships I have formed as a result of my participation, have very simply improved my ability to be successful in both my work and my life.

Mary Ann Bianco

Vice President, Customer Support, Oracle
I have developed lasting, remarkable relationships through my years with Watermark. We come together with a common goal and aspiration to be advocates for women to champion their talents, interests, goals and their dreams.

Lynne Born

Partner, Chief Operating Officer, Seiler
Watermark allows me to stay in touch with best practices and innovative solutions. I come away from every event with creative approaches to challenges and with a new awareness of important business trends in the market.

Melissa Behrs

EVP Business Development, Geron
The entire Geron table really enjoyed the Make Your Mark Awards – it was so inspiring! I look forward to becoming more involved with Watermark events, and I suspect that a number of my colleagues came away from last night with the same intent.

Kim McEachron, Chief People Officer, Genomic Health

Thank you for the Watermark Index award. We all know the power of inclusive organizations and leadership. We need to continue building trust and collaborating across all boundaries for greater innovation, action and progress in our organizations.

Erna Arnesen

Vice President, Global Channel and Partner Marketing, Plantronics
Watermark has provided and continues to provide a great opportunity to learn, network and advocate for women in business leadership. It has had a profound impact on my career in the past decade as I have met countless peers, engaged in so many amazing events and advocated for women in leadership via the Watermark banner.

Kim McEachron

Chief People Officer, Genomic Health
The Make Your Mark Awards event was inspiring, and we are impressed with Watermark’s partnership with Expanding Your Horizons, as well. It was really good to hear more about the mission and accomplishments of Watermark.

Maya Strelar-Migotti

Senior Vice President, Smart Networked Devices and Solutions, Marvell
I meet with women executives and learn from their successes, which always gives me the energy to pursue my goals. Plus, I have this fantastic opportunity to share with other women what I have gained from being a Watermark member.

Shellye Archambeau

CEO, MetricStream
Watermark enables me to establish trusted relationships that I turn to many times to help source resources, solve business challenges and bounce ideas off as I crystalize my thinking. Watermark also gives me the platform to pay it forward.

Merline Saintil

Head of Operations, Office of the CTO, Intuit
Watermark allows me to bring my whole self. I am a better leader as a result of the Watermark development programs that I participate in. I am a better sponsor for those seeking mentorship and connections. I am better person because I am able to advocate and make an impact in my community.

Hannah Kain

Founder & CEO, ALOM
I cannot overstate the impact of the Watermark network. It provides me with valuable resources and invaluable contacts. It is hard to overstate the friendship, camaraderie and fun times. But then I think about the support and advice from the network and the educational sessions. The celebrations of women's achievements and our members' successes. The opportunity to reach out to more women and support their career and give them the confidence to break through glass ceilings and work to their potential. There is a tremendous joy in being part of such a network.

Kathy Woeber Gardner

Partner, Montgomery Pacific Law Group LLP
I joined Watermark as a young corporate partner at one of the top multinational law firms in the Bay Area. I was seeking a place to develop business outside of the usual stomping grounds of my male colleagues. I quickly discovered that Watermark was so much more than a place to develop clients; joining Watermark and serving on its board of directors placed me in the midst of awe-inspiring professional women who truly amaze me. Watermark’s incredible ecosystem led me to chart my own career map without feeling like I had to follow other lawyers’ well-trod paths. I am now an entrepreneur, building a boutique corporate law firm and successfully pursuing the international work I love as a trusted advisor to technology and life science clients.

Deb Wible

Senior Staff Technical Writer, Xilinx
Watermark conferences exceed my expectations in every way and inspire and encourage all of us to be our best selves. It's great to be around such a remarkable batch of confident, smart women leaders who are changing the world for the better with very little fanfare. This can only be good for the whole world.

Mercedes De Luca

COO, Basecamp
I reconnected with colleagues and other executives at Watermark when I rejoined the organization earlier this year. Attending the events and meeting other members led directly to my new role as COO for Basecamp. Thank you, Watermark!

Sandy Holder

CEO, InSight Business Advisors
After spending a year (and far more money) involved with a different women’s organization, I'm convinced that Watermark is by far the leader in supporting and encouraging women in Silicon Valley. And well worth the cost.

Nithya Ruff

One of the things I love about Watermark events is the amazing people I meet and the friendships that I create. They are often deeper and longer lasting than any other event I go to.

Kelly Schwager

What a wonderful way to make new connections and catch up with longtime friends! I really enjoyed the diverse mix of amazing women at Wine, Women and Wisdom. It again reminded me how fortunate we are to live in a place like Silicon Valley.

Vanessa Frank

Thank you for such a wonderful event featuring the Blogher team. I was very impressed with the quality of content and honesty. You were so warm and welcoming, I felt instantly at ease in a room full of women I did not yet know.

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New Job? Promotion? Let’s Share Your Good News!

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