Watermark is merging with UPWARD!

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Let's redefine leadership together.

Watermark is a community of ambitious women focused on connecting, learning, and leading with empathy.

We believe that the true measure of leadership is what we do for others. We strive to make our companies and organizations more inclusive and equitable. We want a future in which aspiring to innovation and excellence doesn't burn us out. And most important, we want to knock down barriers so the next generation of women leaders can thrive.

Our members and supporters[1] are senior leaders who want to pass on what they know, and emerging executives who want to learn new skills and make authentic connections. They are women from every background, community, and company. They share a passion for learning and a desire to make an impact, together.

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image of women working
A pie chart showing the different industries Watermark members and supporters work in. 50% technology. 16% other. 12% healthcare. 7% finanace. 6% consulting. 5% arts, media, or marketing. 4% coaching.

Data collected during a 2020-2021 member survey