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My company is a Watermark sponsor. Am I considered a Watermark member?
Some sponsor contracts include memberships for employees; others do not. If your contract does not include memberships, we can provide you and your employees a 10% discount off of our membership fees. Please contact the membership team for your discount code.


How do I register for an event?
Go to the Watermark event calendar, click the event you're interested in and click Register. If you're a Watermark member, be sure you're logged in to receive your member discount. Having trouble logging in? Please contact Asa for help.

How many free event tickets do we receive as a sponsor?
The number of free event tickets is included in our partnership agreement, which you'll find on your Group page. This page is available to sponsor contacts only.
How do we decide who gets the free tickets?
It's up to you and your Leadership & Development team. It's always best to be clear on the parameters and the decision-making process before assigning free tickets.
What if we want additional tickets?
Unless an event is already sold out, you can purchase additional tickets at 10% off. Just use the special code SponComp when registering – it's yet another benefit of being a Watermark sponsor.
How many employees can I share the webinar links and passwords with?
As many as you’d like. All of your employees are welcome to view our webinars – including men! 
Do we get tickets to the Watermark Conference for Women?
We are unable to offer free Watermark Conference for Women tickets, but if you are a Watermark member and register early, there is a discount. If you're interested in Watermark Conference for Women sponsorship, which might include free tickets, we can introduce you to our conference production partners. Contact Kate for details.
I can't find my event confirmation.
Watermark members: Click My Profile, then click Event Registrations and you'll find all of your event confirmations.
We could use a workshop customized around Topic X. How can Watermark help us with that?
Make a request of your Leadership & Development lead and copy Kate. Be sure to check out our 30+ workshop offerings to see if we have what you're looking for. If not, we will find a facilitator and make it happen! 
I need a copy of a receipt.
Watermark members: Click My Profile, then click Invoices and you'll find copies of all your invoices.
How do I become a volunteer?
Please contact our Events team. We'd love to have your help.

We're recruiting for open positions – how do I add them to Watermark's Career Center?
How great! What better candidates than the women of Watermark! As a sponsor, you can post your open positions on our Career Center at no charge. Just fill out the form and we'll help spread the word.



What is the sponsor onboarding process?
Our onboarding process works like this:

  1. Sponsorship Agreement completed for all sponsorship levels, types, etc., and sent to sponsor lead, along with copy to Asa. Please send your signed agreement to Asa.
  2. Asa creates invoice.
  3. Asa adds sponsorship details to YM, including uploading signed contract and invoice.
  4. Asa sends Sponsorship Welcome email to sponsor lead.
  5. Sponsor sends a high-res logo to Kate and Mary for inclusion on the Watermark website.
  6. Sponsor’s company name is featured in our weekly newsletter’s new sponsor and partner area.
  7. Asa and Kate set up a call with sponsor lead to review YM process, sponsor toolkit and sign up/tutorial.
  8. Sponsor sends out the Pre-Benchmark Survey to respective company community.
  9. Kate sets up a welcome call to arrange timing of Leadership Development Workshop and begins outreach to facilitators, as appropriate.
  10. Kate sends sponsors quarterly activity reports of benefit usage, unless otherwise specified.
  11. Watermark updates toolkit content on a monthly basis.
  12. Sponsor lead receives Inside Sponsor Skinny emails each month.
  13. Kate sets up half-year check-in call.
  14. Two months prior to contract renewal, Kate reaches out to begin renewal conversation.

Process for Leadership Development Workshops

  1. Sponsor lead requests timing and subject matter of workshop.
  2. Kate connects with facilitators regarding availability and secures program.
  3. Kate, sponsor lead and facilitator hold a workshop logistics call and complete a logistics check-list form. Kate distributes the form upon completion.
  4. Facilitator sends material one week before the workshop.
  5. Sponsor lead sends Kate email addresses of attendees.
  6. Kate sends mobile survey to be filled out the workshop.
  7. Kate shares survey results with sponsor lead and facilitator.